In the footsteps of Commissaire Dupin, a Breton at heart…

If Tupin had an inquiry to elucidate in North Finistère, he would no doubt savour a small coffee at the Café du Port overlooking the stunning bay of Brignogan, buy his lobster and seafood in Prat-Ar-Coum in the Pays des Abers, admire the animal-shaped rocks along the Customs footpath and the white sand beaches, or even lose himself in the infinite landscapes of the incredible dunes of Keremma.

Commissaire Dupin might also succumb to the mysterious charms of Locronan, with its wealth of legends and its authentic Breton character, or even travel back to medieval times to the small kelp harvesting village of Meneham that nestles among the rocks of the Côte des Légendes and in the hollow formed by the dune.

And, if you want to follow the adventures of Commissaire Tupin by JM Bannalec, take advantage of the books available in the library (each villa has one of his books).