Pool and sauna: Our advice

Swimming is always a moment of great conviviality during the holidays: you can relax in a jacuzzi or enjoy fun and laughter with friends in the pool. But, do not forget that these facilities can constitute a danger, especially for children.

Respect the following advice to ensure that all the members of your family enjoy a pleasant stay in complete safety:

  • Never leave a child unsupervised near water.
  • For the pool, remember to equip children with armbands, floaters or rings (which never replace adult supervision).
  • Make sure that the pool door is closed when you have finished.
  • The spa is clearly not recommended for young children. Bathing is possible for children over 6 years provided that they do not remain in the water for more than a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • The temperature of a spa should never exceed 40°C for an adult and a maximum of 30°C for children who are more sensitive to heat. Also, it is necessary to be attentive when setting the power of the jets inside the spa in order to avoid any risk of burns.
  • Always make sure that children do not swallow too much water in the pool or the jacuzzi: this water, which has been treated, may cause vomiting and even intoxication.
  • Make sure that very young children do not put their heads under the water too much (because of the temperature) and that they do not exert themselves too much at the risk of becoming dehydrated.